BLACK ARMOUR® Metal Treatment

The BLACK ARMOUR® metal protection process chemically bonds with metal to form a protective skin that is impervious to water and anti-icing chemicals. BLACK ARMOUR® is paint compatible without pre-sanding. If scratched, BLACK ARMOUR® inhibits the spread of creep corrosion.

This eco-friendly metal treatment provides remarkable protection without the added weight and cost of galvanization.

· Guards against environmental factors, e.g. moisture, stone chipping and salt
· No rust penetration
· Long-lasting and reliable retention of value

Double D Crank

Double-D Crank Handle Connection Means More Stabilized Cranking and Stronger Crank Connection

Tapered Mounting Plate

Large Heavey-Duty tapered 9-hole mounting plate.

Reinforcement Collar

The Larger 2' reinforcment collar around the upper leg tubing adds strength and stability during agressive side loading.

Built In Durability

A durable performer, with three large, in-line, heat-treated ductile iron spur gears.

Large, rolled, 1-5/8 inch diameter double lead elevating screw offers added strength and smooth lift.

Gearbox with low-temperature, premium lube rated for service from -65°F to 225°F.

Removable Cushion Foot

An optional, patented, removable cushion foot that utilizes a heavy duty rubber cushion that absorbs 50% more shock than conventional footware.

HOLLAND is now offering an optional, patented removable cushion foot which utilizes a heavy duty rubber cushion that absorbs 50% more shock than conventional footware. The shock from the entire load is transferred in compression from steel-to-rubber-to-steel. There are no parts to buckle or deform, and the 10 degree articulation provided allows easy landing gear travel, even on eneven terrain. That means reduced wear and damage to the cargo, trailer, and landing gear.


NoLube™ provides a sealed system resulting in maximum component lubrication. NoLube™ technology protects your investment and lowers maintenance time and costs through the application of high-quality seals and an encased elevating screw surrounded with lubricant to provide consistent performance and easy operation for years to come.

5-Year and 10-Year NoLube™ options available. See new lifetime warranty upgrade information below.